New shot by my pal @robertoaraujophotography :)

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Weekend getaway up to CT to stay at the Sticks & Stones farmhouse. This is my new best friend, Daisy, a baby Pygmy goat.

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This is so cool! The movie that I shot with Hugh Grant, Marisa Tomei and Allison Janney just released it’s first trailer. Look out for me. I’m the guys who’s NOT a sexy girl ;)

With my favorite boys in the world #koi #newsiesforever

#RememberWhen @cgattelli asked “Do you have any crutch tricks?” ” You mean besides walking without falling?” #newsiesforever

And finally, my #1 favorite Newsies Behind-The-Scenes video: The nostalgia factory that is our “Opening Night on Broadway” video! So excited to see the final show today. So proud of the legacy we’re leaving behind.

Scott Bixby and I get soaked in our #IceBucketChallenge video!

We put a twist on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by donating money and raising awareness for: 

The St. Louis Greater Area Foodbank: 


The Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund:

My #2 Favorite Newsies video “Backstage Rituals.” This most accurately describes the hilarity of a day in the life of a newsie.

My #3 Favorite Newsies video: Our first day at the Nederlander! This remains one of the indelible memories of my whole experience. The look on our faces as we got to explore our theater and walk out on that stage for the first time is as good as it gets!

#TBT to when I used to come back in Act 2 disguised as a tough little newsie named “York” who had one eye and talked like Harvey Fierstein. He was sadly cut in NJ because, see above.

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