Coming soon! My #2ummer014 video :D

Check out this video that Celia and I made for the New York Civil Liberties Union - NYCLU: Broadway Stands Up For Freedom Concert. Your favorite Broadway stars chatting about civil liberties, freedom, politics and…Beyonce?


Maggie, Andrew and Celia Keenan-Bolger

Jonathan Groff

Christian Borle

Tonya Pinkins

Nikki M. James

Danny Burstein

Kyle Beltran

Anne L. Nathan

Joshua Henry

Allison Case

Mary Testa

Unleashing out inner pyromaniacs @scottbix

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My boyfriend and I have the hottest text relationship @scottbix

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Some of my favorite pictures that I took on my sibling vacation to Buenos Aires. I had the best travel companions in the universe!

Hehe this cartoon by @@marleymillar makes me smile

Stopping for a Yerba Mate break on our bike tour #KBcation

@celiakb in front of a painted house in La Boca #KBcation

Whuuut? Who are these clowns? Learning the ways of the locals at the Argentine Experience #KBcation

Took an amazing Buenos Aires graffiti tour. In front of a mural by my favorite street artist, Vomito Attack #KBcation