Get into it! My Andrew’s Blog Mixtape for August to give your summer playlist a kick.

#5 Favorite Newsies video, the Behind-the-Scenes at the Thanksgiving Day Parade. This was our first performance as the newly announced Broadway show and the energy felt that day was electric. Also getting to dance and play in Macy’s at 4 in the morning was not so bad either.

#6 Favorite Newsies video: “Dancing With The Stars.” I’m pretty sure we slept like 2 full hours this weekend. While totally sleep deprived this was one of my favorite Newsies memories. It felt like we were on a high school field trip. Just cracked out and playing football in the LAX terminal.

In my time with Newsies I made Disney around 50 behind-the-scenes videos. Without question, this was the most well-documented year and a half of my life and I’m so thankful I was allowed that kind of unprecedented access to record the process of bringing a show to Broadway. This week I’ll be counting down my top 7 videos in honor of it’s final week on Broadway. First up, #7, a deep cut. “Opening Night at Papermill”

Totally in love with this new image taken by my pal Roberto Araujo. I have a feeling this will be me at my wedding. Yes I will probably be in shorts :P

I can’t stop listening to this song. Truly one of the most beautiful things I’ve heard this year.

"But I’ll keep on smiling, from the times I had with them." 

Some beautiful GIFs. Love whoever made these!

#tradsies Ryan Steele, Garett Hawe and I swapping looks for the 11:30 show #newsiesforever

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